Saturday, November 14, 2009

Pimp Your Facebook Page! Your Guide To Customizing and Applications

So now that you have finally created that Facebook account....what next? How do you make your page stand out as your own?

Many of your questions have inspired this little guide to some of the most used applications and ways to customize your Facebook page. Here are few which allow you to promote your shop on your business page and/or personal page with shop widgets, pictures, links and more!

Promoting Your Shop:

  • My Etsy - A great way to promote your shop. When you use this application you can create another tab in your profile just for your Etsy shop. When a fan clicks the tab, your shop is there with your Etsy banner, a wonderful gallery view and direct links to your shop. There is even a "share" button beneath each item in case they are inspired to share it on their own pages!

  • My Stuff - A neat application that allows you to post html codes (like your etsy mini), video, music players, images and more to your profile page. 
  • Etsy Shop - This application is very much like an Etsy mini or widget that you can add to your personal page and/or your fanpage. It shows up on your profile page in the column to the left. You can set it up to display your shop items randomly or by the most recent addition. When someone clicks on an item it takes them directly to the item in your shop.

*To install applications you need to click "go to application" and click "allow." Very often you need to revisit the specific application page and click "add to page" for it to show up.

Linking Your Blog To Facebook:

  • Have a blog and want it to automatically post to your facebook wall? Try importing your blog through networked blogs. After installing this application your blog posts will automatically feed to your profile page of your choice. People can follow you, comment, and you don't need to take an extra step to link to your blog posts!

Linking Your Facebook to Twitter:

  • If you love social networking and also have a twitter account, linking your facebook to twitter is a great option to share all your Facebook posts with your twitter fans. Each time you publish anything to your wall, a photo album update, a link, or a new status, it will automatically feed to your twitter. If your post is too long for twitter it will abbreviate it and add a link!
These are just a few of the useful applications you can find for your facebook page. So explore, promote and have fun!


  1. Very helpful - I just recently was wondering how to do this. It was easy to follow your links, and now I have My Etsy on my fan page. Thanks!

  2. thanks! just added my etsy to my fan pages and i love it!

  3. Your blog is so helpful I had to step it up from the regular "follow" and I subscribed to it with my google reader. Thank you! I have passed on your site to many others also.

    See you on twitter! (PPenguinStudios) :)

  4. Thanks for the great info! Not getting anything to work yet - maybe I'm just too tired! Will try again tomorrow.

  5. I can't seem to figure out how to get my Etsy page up there. Help?

    audreyscountrycrafts at gmail dot com