Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tag You're It! - Maximize Your Tag Potential

I have been seeing a lot of tag related questions lately and thought this would be a great topic to address, especially during the busy holiday season! Because we want our shops exactly that, busy!

Tagging does seem to be an elusive art but with a little thought and creativity it can be one of the most useful tools for driving traffic to your shop! I have compiled a few tips that you may find helpful when you are tagging your items on Etsy.

After you have tagged your items appropriately in the main categories and subcategories, you can move on to the more descriptive tagging. Some tips to consider.....

  • Be Honest- (Not only important in life but essential in tagging too!) Tag your items as relevantly as you can. Customers are looking for an item specific to their search and can be easily frustrated with mistagged items. If they are looking for a sweater and find your jewelry tagged as such, they are no more inclined to look at your shop. This is also against Etsy policy. :(   Not clear on etsy policy? Check in here under "tagging".
  • Make sure to use ALL the 14 tags! - Each tag is a little path to your shop so don't waste them! The more tags, the greater the chance people will see your shop and the items you offer. 


  • Get creative! - Etsy has some awesome suggestions on tagging. Read that here to get the juices flowing. Go ahead and use the thesaurus if you run out of ideas, just don't leave a tag blank!
  • How would you search?- Think about how you would search for an item like yours. What keywords would you use to locate an item?  
To start try:

Using Descriptive Colors - bright red, aqua, beige, mauve, maroon, chartreuse, forest green, brown

Using Temperature- hot, cool, fiery, warm, frosty, cold

Using Texture- velvety, soft, feathery, rough, silky, luminous, cloudy, clear

Using Moods- dreary, lonely, happy, fierce, bold, dark, humorous

Using Styles- bohemian, goth, edwardian, mod, hipster, elegant, chic, etc.......!

You can even use your shop name in there or special promotion you might be having (BOGO, Free gift, etc.) The choices are limitless!

  • Still need more ideas?- Check out Craftweasel's Tagfinder a great tool to help you tag your items, generate graphs of popular tags, item views and more!

 The added perk of descriptive tags is that is greatly enhances your chance of landing treasuries too! Sellers often search for a cohesive style, color, or mood for treasuries. So tag, your it!


  1. Very nice blog! I would also like to recommend having an outside "eye" suggest 14 tags for you. I often do this with friends and family...what they would tag your items with might not necessarily be what you would have ever thought of!

  2. What an awesome idea!!! Thanks so much!

  3. Thanks for this post :) Once again it is really well thought!

  4. If you offer international shipping and have it in your listing as an option (not contact me for rates), I've found that to be a great tag. Many non-US shoppers get frustrated when they see something they love only to find out that the seller doesn't ship overseas. And certainly add shipping rates to Canada to your listings, they are rarely much more than US shipping rates. Use as a guide.

  5. Oh that is a great tag!!! Thanks Melissa!

  6. I really like the idea of using temperature and texture as tags. As for tagging with your shop name, I do this and have found it to be beneficial. I even type in shop names into the search bar and forget to pull down and click "sellers". It's a great way for people to find you.

    Thank you for all of the helpful hints!

  7. That necklace should be tagged with GORGEOUS!