Thursday, November 12, 2009

Treasury 101! Snatch your own!

Are you finding the treasury to be an elusive torment? New to Etsy and not even sure what a treasury is? You are in the right place!

What is a treasury?

A treasury is a temporary gallery of items curated by Etsy sellers. Items are often chosen with a theme, color, or emotion in mind. You can enter the treasury section through Etsy's front page under "explore."

How do I get one?

Here is treasury 101 for those who want to snatch a treasury for themselves. You are going to love the rush when you get one!

1. Go to and click on the "treasury clock." This is an awesome site where you can see how much time is left before a treasury opens. After a treasury is created, it expires in 2 days. To land a treasury yourself, you need to wait until the number of treasuries is below 333.

2. You might see that a treasury won't open for  hours, or a even day on the treasury clock. So check back near the time the next opening is scheduled.

3. In the meantime, have fun preparing your item gallery on Poster Sketch, a useful tool that allows you to enter items just like the treasury! (Just bookmark the link and all your items are automatically saved when you come back to it.)

4. Come up with an interesting theme, favorite color, food, song, anything! Then search on Etsy to find items that compliment it. Once you find an item you like, find the listing number of the item (under stats) and copy and paste it into poster sketch. Rinse, repeat!

5. When you near the time the next treasury is to open, head back to Craftopolis and check the clock. (Have your poster sketch ready in another window.) Once the needle is in the red zone it is time to click on it. This takes you directly to the treasury list.

6. Now here is the important part.....don't refresh the page! Can you see when the lists expire? It will most likely be a matter of minutes. Your page automatically refreshes and you can loose your chance when you refresh. So hang out and wait patiently, it is worth it! Scroll down to the bottom of the page where is says "the treasury is full."

This is where the magic happens when the treasury opens so keep your eyes on it. As soon as a treasury has opened, it will prompt you for your title. I like to have my treasury title copied already so when it opens up I can just paste it in and go! Copy and paste your poster sketch listings in the treasury and there you have it!

Good luck and have fun. A word of warning- treasury highs can be addicting!

Now it is time to show it off in the forums once it is done. Do a forum search for "treasury" and share yours with others. And don't forget to take some time out to comment and look at other treasuries!


  1. Thanks so much! This was extremely informative and helpful. :) Theresa

  2. Thank you for this great post, I will have to give this a try :D

  3. Well written explanation of the treasury process--great job!

  4. Aha! Thanks for the treasury clock link and tips about using the poster sketch tool. I've never found an open treasury list - maybe I will now!