Monday, November 2, 2009

Social networking......get fearless!

I know many have fears, even aversions to social networking sites but they are wonderful tools to get your shop noticed, make some friends and spread the word about what you do! And the best part, it is free!!
If you are completely new to this, fear not. I will have a mini tutorial of facebook, twitter and blogging basics in the next few posts.

Let's start with a few sites....

Facebook: A social networking site that (to me) is terribly voyeuristic and fun to use! Post photos, update your status, let everyone see your every move! However, make sure to set up a business fanpage for your shop. This will be completely separate from your personal account and, for obvious reasons, is a good idea.

Twitter: Another great site for making friends and spreading the word! Short status updates on twitter are a form of micro-blogging. Let people know what your working on, post links to your items and chat it up with other artists and creators.

Blogging: Fun, therapeutic and a wonderful way to promote your work and keep people involved in your daily craft routine, your etsy adventures and present projects. Blog giveaways are great and one of my favorite things to do!

Social networking does take time and some initial effort to set up, but many will agree that it can really boost your presence and help get your shop known to people on an off Etsy. If you are overwhelmed at which one to choose, go for one that you feel comfortable with! There is no rule requiring you to join several sites (or even any at all!). Experiment with one you feel fits your style and put a little time into it each day.

Have limited time? Like it short and to the point? Tweet!

Really into posting pictures, your shop info, commenting on others work? Set up a facebook page.

Love to write? Have items that take you a long time to make and like to talk about the process? Blog about it! Feature some Etsy shops and spread the love!

I hope this gets you inspired to take the plunge. Stay tuned for future posts on setting yourself up on these sites and how to create a positive presence!

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  1. Thanks for this great post, and I love your new blog :)